New to Ford engines I've always had GM and Harley's till I bought this last summer. The car is an MGB with a 347 Ford Stroker. Long story/ short, 4 little screws that hold the baffle under the oil breather fell out and 3 of them ended up in the oil pan. I can't find the last 1. I've got the oil pan, and valve covers off, along with the whole front sub frame, and the engine is hanging from my cherry picker. My thoughts are that the remaining screw is in the lifter valley. A few friends have suggested pulling a couple push rods and fishing with a magnet. I have 2 problems with that approach, 1 is, there isn't a whole lot of room to be moving a magnet around through the push rod holes in these AFR heads, 2 is, I'm not real good at adjusting valves especially when there is no oil pressure in the Hyd Roller lifters. I'd really like to just lift the intake and valley cover up a couple of inches and take a peek. Can I do that without disturbing things too much, I'm fine with having to pull the distributor I'll just mark a few things and put it back where I got it from. I really don't want to pull the fuel injection off just to see if this loose screw is in the lifter valley. Do I have a Screw Loose, I guess the answer is YES