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    hi i run a 4.6 sohc full ally motor with a 4r70w trans in my ac cobra and i am have trouble tunning it as i run a standed 1998 pcm and the motor is not standed . i know there are some horse power hidden in there . we have got chips out from the states to write on but they will not talk to my pcm . what i am thinking of now is there an after market one that the plug on the pcm will plug in to and i can tune motor and trans

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    There is no reason you can not tune the PCM you currently have. I believe it is a Ford EEC-IV. Clint Garrity makes a software tuning tool called Binary Editor that will work on that generation of PCM. Here is the link => Binary Editor. Read up on the tools and you should be good to go.

    If you have not tuned previously you might want to visit Don LaSoto's site and check out some of his books on tuning. LaSota Racing's website is here =>LaSota Racing.

    Greg Banish also has excellent learning tools for new tuners Greg Banish Calibrated Success


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    thanks for the info i will check it out and let you know how i go cheers

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