Hey Guys,

I have a '91 with an S-trim (standard install,nothing special) that needs a new radiator. This car used to have a brass 3 row radiator and the factory clutch fan.

I just bought an American Eagle 2 row radiator and it's too thick because the S-trim's tensioner gets in the way when trying to hang the factory fan shroud. I even tried mocking up a contour dual fan kit I have (fans hits the blower belt).

Some notes: My old brass radiator's thickness measured exactly at 2".

This American Eagle unit measures out to 2"3/8' but their website says its 2.1" thick...anyways, its still an issue.

Radiator Dimensions:
Total: 19.25" tall (with cap) x 29.25" wide
Core: 16.75" tall x 24.5" wide x 2.13" thick
Inlet: 1.25" passenger side
Outlet: 1.5" driver side
Tanks: 2.75" thick
Tubes: 1" thick

Yes, the factory fan was notched at the bottom where it meets the crank pulley with the old radiator and perhaps I need to complete that notch all the way around?

What should I do? Move the wiring harnesses behind the rad support in order to pull the radiator closer to the support frame (sounds like a PITA)? Buy a thinner radiator? The Champion 2-row measures out to 1.75" thick, while the 3 row is apparently thicker than my American Eagle unit.

A few things at my disposal are:

Griffin Dominator Rad (was too big).
Modine 3 row brass replacement radiator that is in my SVO currently (I can always play the old swaparoo here)
The old leaky 3 row brass radiator that has been in this car from the 1990's.
Mark VIII and Contour fans.

To get the car going I wanted to retain the factory fan and shroud but at this point I might also entertain the idea of switching over to an electric fan. Can the Contour fan be notched? It seems too thin already.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in Advance.