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    My name is Craig, I live outside Chicago. I just registered for the forum, as it seems it'll be a helpful tool throughout my build. A little background, I am an Adjunct Auto Instructor at the local community college, and I own and operate a small Auto repair shop. I recently purchased a 67 fairlane and I plan to swap in a 4v 5.4. I have a set of heads, although the wrong ones for my particular set up. I'm still sourcing the rest of it, so I am open to any leads on getting a hold of a block and whatnot. I am currently in the process of ripping my car apart, bracing it up, and building a real chassis, with a decent 10 point cage, so I am in absolutely no hurry for the motor just yet. I should start construction on the car relatively soon. Currently my dad-in-law's 62 vette is on my hoist at the home shop getting its frame off resto. It should be of to paint and body soon, then my car goes up and surgery begins. Ill try and post up some pictures of my car soon, I just wanted to drop by with and introduction.

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    Welcome aboard Craig.

    Your project sounds like it will be a lot of fun. We need to get you some supercharged fever. On a 5.4 it is quite impressive. Check out the 03/04 SVT Cobra Forum and the Terminator Table of Contents (TToC). It is a source of excellent tech on most things motor including fuel systems. The translation from 4.6 to 5.4 is quite easy.


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    you know, I have considered this as an option. Forced induction has always been a part of my job, but I have never owned one myself. I've built plenty of customer cars, and fixed many econo-boxes and heavy/medium trucks that are charged in some way. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the engine compartment of a fairlane, but when you remove those stupid shock towers, there is enough room for just about anything to fit under the hood.

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    Well then it is settled — Boosted is the way to go!


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    good news! I found my start for an engine. Sourced a short block from a 3V for a couple hundred bucks at a local salvage yard.

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    Welcome Craig, so nice to see you here.

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