Hi all,

I just picked up a nice 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra convertible. It's got just a touch over 13,000 miles on it. The P.O. kept it mostly stock (yay!) except it has a pulley on it and the additional idler. The crank pulley and other 2 idlers look stock. I ordered a stock blower pulley already and plan to return it to stock. No idea if the car had a tune (I am guessing not) but I plan to ask the local Ford dealer to re-flash it to stock to be safe. I assume there is no other way to know for sure if it was tuned?

The factory pulley cover is gone too. I'd like to find one of those if anyone has one laying around for sale. I'll post a request for that in the classified section too.

Anyway, glad to be here. Hope to learn a lot.

I had a couple 2nd Gen Lightnings back in 01 and 04. Love these Eaton blown motors.