2010 f 150 5.4 3v motor issues

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    Default 2010 f 150 5.4 3v motor issues

    so motor runs ok some times ,then will knock loudly and miss and die.. after pulling valve cover pass side,replacing vvt solenoid (and changed both cam sensors the week before with no avail) ran it down the interstate and back and ran very well put back in garage to make sure valve cover wasnt leaking and i noticed i didnt plug in cam sensor, i plugged it in and immediately ran bad knocking and about 400 rpms, so unhooked and still did it intill i reved motor up and runs great aagain...so im not sure wht this is telling me...i had 1st thought it was cam phazers.... before this happend my 1st experince with it running bad was stalling at stops and also i could floor it at a standing start and it would climb to about 30 in a city block....i also could sit at idel and rev up a few times till it ran good or if it was running good i could rev up intil it started to run bad... i guess at this point im confused why it runsgood with passenger side cam sensor unplugged ??? thanks for the hep

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    You should pull fault codes to be sure, but it sounds like a crank sensor or crank sensor wiring problem to me.

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