99 Cobra SVT basket case and new owner ...San Jose, CA

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    Default 99 Cobra SVT basket case and new owner ...San Jose, CA

    It was a bit of a basket case when I got it ... needed a new front bumper(zip ties held it in place at multiple locations) check engine light was on, traction control button didn't work, stereo missing, a transmission that needs work(hard to put in gear unless car is moving and crunches when shifting quickly) and headlights were crazed over. It was quite cheap on acquisition cost though and included the stock CAI and used Sony single DIN radio.

    It had some nice parts such as caster/camber plates, cobra 03 wheels and hood, hood struts, and H and R racing springs. And three small almost unnoticeable dents with no rust, and no evidence of any accidents.

    I fixed a vacuum leak around the EGR valve which brought the short and long term fuel trim back to the correct level. I replaced the light in the traction control switch to disingage it, so a smog check could be run on the rolling dyno. The front bumper, mounting bracket and new headlights were installed. An 03 terminator style bumper was used. The fog lights were installed and wiring connector changed over to the 03 style. Also, the stock CAI was installed, since the JLT didn't have a CARB or EO on it which means it's illegal to install on a California based car. The exhaust has both CARB and EO numbers. It passed the sniffer test with excellent low emissions numbers for all the tests. The radio fit nicely, but the front door speakers are aftermarket with wires run to them that don't produce sound. The back speakers and tweeters for the Mach 460 system work.

    The next step is to either rebuild the current T-45 or put in a newer T-45 I bought off eBay for cheap(don't know the mileage as it was from a self storage unit sale, but I'm guessing someone thought that it was worth saving) that came out of an 2001 Cobra before Ford changed to the T-3650.

    If anyone has experience with the T-45 and is in the area, I'm all ears.


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    Any pictures and what color?

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    I didn't see this, but before you tear the transmission out, check the clutch. The symptoms you describe sound a lot like a clutch that is not disengaging properly.

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