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    Saludos, recently a Roush supercharger was installed on my 2015 by a local Ford dealer. Before the deal was made I told them that my car have a custom tune for the Stainless Works long tube headers which were installed a few months before and a check engine light may develop because of the O2 sensors been further back. They told me they would contact roush before dowloading their calibration so the Cel would not happen but is on right now however is not affecting the car performance. After taking the car back to the dealer the problem are the O2 sensors and Iam waiting on them to get a solution back from Ford Racing. Does anybody knows a work around to compensate for the O2 sensors? Thanks

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    Do you remove that cats?

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    Your tuner can fix the problem.

    You can too if you move the O2 sensors closer to the engine.


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    I have a Roush RS3 670hp phase1. This morning it threw a the infamous code P061B. The only mods to this car that I have done was an H pipe. It happened this morning 33deg outside down shifted from 5th to 4th at about 60mph. Next thing I know bang the big wrench came up on the display, grrrr. The only other codes that has came up a few weeks before was I think P0442. Evap system small leak. That code has set itself in to the perminate codes. Turn the car off once I made it to work started the car light was out, pulled out the code reader and P061B. Reset codes no more issues. Hummmmm.

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