aluminum girdle, iron block 4.6

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    Default aluminum girdle, iron block 4.6


    i'm taking an iron block out of an '07 cvpi and rebuilding it myself from scratch. this is my first build, but i've done a good amount of research and have taken a couple engine classes at the local college. my question is whether or not i can use an aluminum main girdle on the cast iron block. i know a lot of people will say that it isn't necessary, that the stock main caps aren't prone to walking, that it's a waste. i know others will say if i'm going above 550hp it's not a bad idea. i'm not 100% sure what my top end is going to look like, but just in case i decide to put some serious muscle into it i'd like to make it a little more sturdy than the stock two bolt mains. all i've been able to find are aluminum girdles, which i'm guessing are designed for the aluminum 4.6 blocks. if anyone has an answer, i'd appreciate it. also, if someone has a link for a girdle that isn't aluminum, i'd appreciate that too.

    all the best...

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    I would go ahead and make it to hold the most power that you see in the future.

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    that's what i was thinking. what's the worst that can happen from putting it in while everything is apart and then not putting enough power to really "need" it?

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