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    Having a problem with My 95 Mark VIII Idling rough and flooding after shut off. When I tried to read the voltage output at the connector it read approx 9 volts. All the reference books I read say that this voltage should be less than 1 volt. Wha is the correct reading at the connector?

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    I know its late but maybe this will help some other people
    A oxygen sensor generates voltage up to around 1.5 volts at full rich going to the computer. A 3 or 4 wire sensor has battery voltage going to it for the heater.but can not cause a flooding problem. the first thing to check is put a fuel pressure gauge on it start it and run if i remember right its around 45 psi it should hold pressure over night. if it leaks down you have a fuel injector leaking. after that look at the coolant and air temp sensors can cause this problem after that your getting in to serious diagnosis.

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