Need help with a 4.6l 3v swap to 5.4 2v 2007 mustang GT

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    Default Need help with a 4.6l 3v swap to 5.4 2v 2007 mustang GT

    I am new to the mustang world and just purchased a 2007 GT for my wife. The 4.6 3v bottom end is knocking so i purchased the car pretty cheap. I purchased a 5.4L 2v rebuilt for a great price and I was told I could swap this into the mustang fairly easy. I have done hours of research and everything seems easy besides finding an intake manifold to use for this swap. I am considering using the 3v heads off of the 4.6 and putting them on the 5.4 block which currently has 2v heads. I have seen adapter plates that they sell to use a 4.6 2v intake manifold on a 5.4 2v however i'm not sure if this is compatible with the 4.6 3v manifold. Is anyone out there experienced with this swap that can help steer me in the right direction? I'm not looking for crazy hp even though I would love to supercharge it I'm working on a budget and trying to figure out my best option. Thank you for any input you can provide.

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    Hey, I'm a bit new to the overhead cam v8s as well, but recently did a lot of research on the subject, and as I understand the situation.
    Your best bet is to put your 3v heads on the 5.4 lower end, I believe that you need the timing chain cover as well.
    That way you can use the regular intake and exhaust that you already have.

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