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    Quote Originally Posted by dewaine View Post
    What are some specific things I should test out, like common fail points and accessories. Things that tend to snap, fall off, discolor...
    Here's a cut and paste...

    What should I look for when considering the purchase of a Mark VIII. ?
    Having a trusted mechanic go over the vehicle is a good idea, especially one familiar with the Mark VIII.
    You should look for these Mark VIII specific trouble spots:
    Leaking suspension. Check the vehicle after it's been sitting overnight. Is one corner or one end of the car completely down on the suspension?
    Torque converter clutch shudder or vibration. On light acceleration, does the transmission 'shudder', as though you were driving over 'rumble strips' ? This occurs under light to moderate acceleration above 56 km/h (35 mph) while in 3rd or 4th gear or on 3-4/4-3 shifts. This may be due to temperature related automatic transmission fluid breakdown.
    Or worst case this may indicate a failing torque converter. For fixes see the section on Torque converter clutch shudder or vibration.
    Brake vibration. The rotors are susceptible to warping, so this may be a 'bargaining chip'.
    Driveshaft vibration. Try taking the car on a smooth road and run it up to 75-80 mph. If there is vibration, this may also be a 'bargaining chip'. Read below in Transmission for more information.
    Startup rattle. The secondary cam tensioners are a known trouble spot. They will often rattle on the first few seconds after sitting overnight. Yet another 'bargaining chip'
    If you have chrome wheels, look under the center cap for bubbling in the chrome finish. This seems to affect the cars exposed to salted winter roads.
    Check the rear swaybar, some members have reported cracked swaybars, due to corrosion in the hollow bar.
    The Gen2's (97-98) have a couple specific problems as well. The cupholder and the rear neon tail-lamp are two common failures. The ballast for the tail lamp can be replaced. The OEM HID bulbs are extinct. Most people now simple convert to an aftermarket HID bulb. The telescopic steering can hyper extend and literally land in your lap. The recall fix for this was a safety cable. There was a recall for the brake pressure switch which affected many Fords and Lincolns from this era that you may or may not be familiar with. The door handles can break when man handled. The rear window molding has a propensity to look like lasagna but there is no problem with it beyond aesthetics.

    The later model EATC'a are relatively trouble free.

    All Mark VIII's had variable assist power steering but there could be issues with the system, usually a speed sensor or the solenoid valve on the power steering pump.

    If the car is otherwise mechanically sound, there's really nothing that you wouldn't expect from a 20 year old car that should scare you.

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    That's pretty much everything I ever needed to know.

    OK so here's my report: I do not like Mark VIII's in general.

    Hahaha. Man it sucks but I just thought that the ones I had seen were neglected or abused, but it turns out to be the norm. Every owner that shows off their car brags about the performance ("this'll scare the ** outta you!") and then I slam the throttle and it actually feels like it pulls less than my Town Car.

    The suspension is maybe more for masochists, it's worse than my Grand Marquis, only a fraction bit better than my '07 Mustang.

    I'm guessing a lot of the response of the Town Car has to do with the fact that the same computer controlling the shifting is controlling the throttle. Driving a manual is more responsive because the same brain controlling the throttle is controlling the clutch and gear selection. If you separate one, you end up with a disconnect and one is trying to figure out the other, ie electronic shifted trans but with a cable (human controlled) throttle.

    I think the car was designed in a time before Ford grasped how plastic works. GM still hasn't figured this out, Toyota had it down for years and Ford got it sometime around 2002. Thus the cup holder, armrest, door control panel, center stack, all switchgear and the steering wheel adjustment knob, lamp switches, seat switches etc feel like they were never intended to be used in any real world conditions, like a prototype that's just supposed to demonstrate how it "would" work whenever it's finished.

    Haha, sorry to derail here but I dislike this car, it's junk and I mean that due to the age it was made not it's age currently. I'm going to hold out for one that's essentially never been...anything, because the slightest anything seems to destroy them. I don't drive cars that have to come with an addendum to the owner's manual, with instructions like "to open passenger door, press unlock on the driver-side lock switch repeatedly while rapidly pulling on the interior passenger door handle" or "to get cold A/C, adjust the EATC to 90º and then immediately choose a temperature using the temperature adjustment buttons with one press. if you let go, the temperature blend door will be stuck in the position that you let go on the adjustment button and you will have to set to 90º and start again."

    Pretty much everything you listed and pasted applied to this car. I'll be back whenever I find the one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dewaine View Post
    I'll be back whenever I find the one!
    There're out there.

    Unfortunately most have been neglected and kicked to the curb, worth more in parts than as a weekend driver, let alone a daily driver or a worthy project car.

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    driller, I'm going to take all of the advise that has worked for you and apply it to my Grand Marquis with an MZT intake. They're about 1 second behind a stock Mark VIII LSC...or faster than a Mark if I build it to Marauder specs. Also...there was only one Mark VIII in the junkyard last I checked. At the same time I walked over probably 22 Crown Vics/Grand Markweeses, so the availability doesn't hurt.

    Thanks for everything, I'll report back here with MGM progress as well!

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