Best year mark viii engine to use

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    Default Best year mark viii engine to use

    Here's my question,have a 94 mark viii engine and also have a 98,which would by the best choice,will be swapping into a 1961 ford f100,truck also has crown vic front suspension and an explorer rear end,was also thinking of using the Ron Frances wiring harness

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    The intake on the 94 runs better low end torque but the throttle body is in a crappy spot. Being in an F100, that's not as much of an issue. If I'm not mistaken, the 98 runs on EEC 5 rather than the 4. Better choice there if so. I am using a 94 with actual Cobra heads and intake and no IMRC's. I say whichever engine has the lowest miles or looks the best if you are just dealing with longblocks and no EEC.


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