Mark vii engine can it be supercharged
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    Default Mark vii engine can it be supercharged

    Hello all,new to this forum
    I have a 98 mark viii,and also a 94 mark viii engines,question is can a stock cobra supercharger be installed on either of these engines and what all is needed to do the install,
    Engine is going into a 1961 f100 with a crown vic front suspension,and also which motor mounts are needed for the install
    Thanks mossman

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    The 98 motor and the Cobra motor are essentially the same with the exception of the crank. Lincolns got the standard crank good to around 6000 rpm Cobras got the iron crank good to around 8000 rpm. Slightly different intakes due to the hood. but lots of markviii guys do do the cobra intake swap. then refresh the ECM

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    What baylensman said is essentially correct Mossman. There are a couple of caveats;

    There are two cranks as baylensman suggested. One is a cast crank and one is a forged steel crank using a micro alloy that resembles SAE 4340. The cast crank has six flange bolts the forged crank has eight. Crank usage is less rpm limited and more power limited. Ford went to the forging in all manual shift powertrains because of the anticipated additional loading they could receive. Automatic transmission cars were for the most part (not exclusively) the six bolt cast iron crank.

    To put the blower on a n/a engine you will need the blower, the intake manifold, the intercooler, the intercooler plumbing, the pulley bridge, a 03/04 Cobra alternator mount and alternator, the 03/04 lower pulley cage or a Metco lower pulley and a 03/04 Cobra timing cover.

    Yo will also need to replace the n/a pistons and rods with blower pistons and Manley H-Beam rods. Once you have the entire assembly you will need to get it balanced.

    To run the 03/04 Cobra AMZ blower strategies you will need an 03/04 EEC-V ECU and harness to properly translate the ECU pinouts to the engine harness. The fuel system will need to be upgraded with 03/04 Cobra fuel pumps, at a minimum, and the fuel line to the front of the car will need to be re-plumbed with larger capacity lines and filters. There will also be nuisance electronics like an 03/04 CCRM, FPDMs and FRPS's that you will need to acquire.


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