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    I have have my 2003 Mach 1 for 4 years now and I have always had a metallic rattle around 2300-2600rpm coming from my TR-3650 (never had a problem with this tranny in my 04 GT). The rattle sounds like almost like the dust shield or some sort of plate rattling against a metal surface. This rattle happens whether the clutch is in or out; makes no difference. I finally got the nerve to swap out my clutch, flywheel, pilot & throw out bearings last week thinking maybe it was a bad TOB. The problem still persist. I added nylon washers between the two bottom dust shield bolts on the transmission, no luck either. I'm sure putting my car on a lift with it running and looking through the inspection hole in the transmission would help but any suggestions where to look? Clutch fork pivot bolt?

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    I was thinking it was the cable access door on the transmission, going by your description. But, if you changed the cable etc, I would think having taken it off and putting it back on would have solved that as a noise.

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