1/4 mile times ???

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    Default 1/4 mile times ???

    Finally got my mach 1 up to the track and was wondering what most people are running? I have a SLP lm1 catback and a k&n intake. Previous owner swapped a T56 into the car but besides that the car is stock.
    60' 1.99
    1/8th 8.43 @84
    1/4 13.10 @105

    Think I can drop my 60 foot a little but I'm happy the way it's running so far. I don't have radials just nitto nt555 g2s. What's everyone else running?

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    I think that your 1/4 miles times on street tires are about quick average. You have decent 60ft times so you're leaving right for your set up. The big thing is are you still accelerating out at the big end? or have you topped out? At 105 you probably haven't topped out a lot depends on gearing. If you leave harder your 60's may drop because of wheel spin but you may make that up with a higher top end. These engines like to rev so hold it in second a bit longer so your dropping into the sweet spot in third you may also up your MPH

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    I left at like 2600 but didn't take it to my shift light which is set right before redline. Should I take it all the way up that high? Still stock gears also. What do you shift around?

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    I haven't had a car at the track in a long time, but when I was running a 5.0 set up running 3.08 gears i'd run out of 1/4 mile before i ran out of third gear. Going to a 3.73 set up allowed the car to hit 4th and dropped the e.t.s under 13 consistently. On your set up try a few passes holding till the shift light in 2nd or in 3rd (try each way) Remember the factory redline is there to protect the warranty!! There is usually a few 100 rpm room there before needing to worry about damage. IF they can keep the revs under a certain number the failure rate per mile driven goes way down, and keeps the stock holders happy.

    A little more information on what your are running would help us all give advice. what year what engine what gear etc

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    it's a 2003 mach 1 with a t56, SLP lm1 catback and a k&n intake
    everything else is stock down to the head unit lol. I'll try to run it to my light and see how it goes I should have 2 step soon hopefully drop my 60 foot a little.

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    OP you might want to check the sticky titled Mach I Combos / Times, at the very top of the 2003 - 2004 Mach 1 Mustang forum, that says Read First! in bold red.

    There are many posts in the thread however, post #3 is an easy post to find that should provide you a good litmus test for a n/a stock engine in a daily driver type car. His performance is 11.689 @ 118.131 w/ 1.667 60ft. Although he doesn't say so, I suspect he was running his nitrous system on that pass.

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