4.6 3V 3.4 Whipple

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    Default 4.6 3V 3.4 Whipple

    I did a fair amount of searching on here, so thought I would share a little on my build.

    4.6 3V manley 4.6 stock stroke crank, manley rods and wiseco -5cc pistons. 3.4 whipple with crusher inlet. 72mm twin L&M throttle body with cobra jet CAI. Cams are custom L&M degreed at 112 degrees. The whipple sits on a DOB spec r kit. All inlet/outlet and lines are 1.25 inch. Initial tuning done with E66, but then decided to switch over to ignite 114, as the E85 has been so variable around here the last few years.

    Biggest issue is dealing with a little belt slip, will solve that by going from a 6.5 inch lower to 7 inch lower and scaling the upper to match. Might have to clock the tensioner a bit, but will cross that bridge.

    The iat of 100 was on the 725 RWHP pull. At 825 the iat ended up at 112.

    Anyway enjoyed searching on here and thought I would share.

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    Very nice job. Your work and the instal are exceptionally clean.

    On your dyno sheet the AFR seems to move around quite a bit although it always stays in a safe zone. Your torque and power might be a little smoother if it were possible to noodle out what is causing the AFR to wander around as much as it does. It looks like you had the smoothing on 5 so the trace should be pretty flat rather than as bumpy as it appears.

    All in all very impressive work. Congratulations on a job well done!


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    Appreciate that, if we solve the belt slip issue, that may take care of itself.

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    Apologies, forgot about the belt slip issue! Depending on the severity that is capable of producing those AFR swings as the PCM tries to keep up with the changing apparent air appetite the engine has.


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