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    Hello everyone, I feel like Ive known you guys for a longtime now, I’ve been reading this great forum for probably 10 years. I learned a ton from you guys, I especiallylike the build threads, I always had a lot of questions but felt I didn’t have anythingto contribute of my own, until now that is.So as the title states this is the Thread about some “threads” before Istart on my build Thread.
    So this build is real time, as in last night. I’ll save the why Im doing this for the buildthread.
    Im sure many of you guys know how to do this already butthis is how I did it.
    My 03 cobra, changed the valve springs & retainers lastnight, did it with the heads still on the motor and motor in the car. First I will say that this euroexport springcompressor tool works awesome.
    As Im sure everyone know I had to fill the cylinders withcompressed air to keep the valve from falling into the cylinder. The problem I had was with the “Air ValveHolder” tool

    I assume this has to do with the dreaded 4 thread sparkplug headsI have. So the Air Valve holderabsolutely would not grad any threads in the heads, I was scratching my head.I phoned an old wise friend and he told me totry a sparkplug defouler.I had neverheard of this, but once I saw it I thought it might work.I bought a 2 pack at Advanced auto, screwedit on the end and No dice it was still to short.They had a longer threaded defouler but theair valve holder would not reach the threads on the other side.So it was hack saw time and I combined the longand short defouler fittings.This workedscrewed into the head real nice.
    Next problem is I only had a small pancake air compressor,once the intake valve was open the compressor started loosing pressure way toofast. Only thing I could come up with iscutting a piece of wood to match the intake ports and bolt it down onto theintake gasket on the head.This alsoworked good, compressor held at 120psi the entire time I was swaping out thesprings.Next I stole a rubber ball frommy dog’s toy box, shoved it into the 3” turn down on my exhaust, it was enoughto get em done.
    Want to thank everyone ahead of time for all Ive learned fromthis forum over the years, My little build thread is on the way.

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    Good info!
    Looking forward to your build thread.

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    Is there a special secret to posting photos? been trying for days. Help is appreciated

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    The vBulletin software that powers the site has an issue with its PHP photo upload logic right now. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The problem is known, identified and a fix is in process right now but not yet available. Hang in there it has been about two weeks so far hopefully we are close to the finish line.


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