Anyone have experience tuning the 4r70w with PRP

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    Default Anyone have experience tuning the 4r70w with PRP

    Hi! I'm trying to adjust my wot shift point and it seems like my trans does not respond well to any change done in the RPM based shift point. It seems to work better if i change the setting in the shift schedule which is in mph.

    Now i see that in the trans / switch to use anticipated shifting i set to 0 . Could this be the problem ?

    Car is 97 gt with DDX4 computer. Trans is a built 4r70w with J-Mod.

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    Are you tuning for the street or the track?

    The way I always understood it, the 'mph' shift points are for the street while the 'WOT' shift points are typically for the track and they override the 'mph' shift points. There is a parameter for what TPS is considered WOT. And you probably know there is a difference between the commanded shift rpm and the actual rpm the shift is completed.

    I'm not sure of the anticipated shifting switch, I would have to look it up. Hopefully others will chime in.

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