ARP Headstud problem.

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    Default ARP Headstud problem.

    Hi everyone, Im a newbie and not exactly sure how this works. lol Anyway Im building an eaton swapped Mach1. My shortblock is together and i got the heads assembled yesterday. The block is fresh from the machine shop, but most of the head studs won't go in by hand. Ive tried brake clean and air, and when that didnt work I bought the arp thread chaser. The chaser runs in and out of all the holes with ease, but still the studs arent having it.

    Also, the headstuds are brand new and the block was a 90k mile one that hadn't been touched. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like your trying to put the wrong side in.

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    Thanks for your response, but that is not the case. The block side threads are m11×1.5 and the head side is much finer.

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    Try checking the studs to be certain the coarse side is infact 11mm x 1.5.

    ARP has a large number of head studs that use an SAE 7/16 x 14 thread. The SAE & Metric threads look visually quite similar. If a set of SAE threaded studs accidentally found their way into the wrong packaging you might have an SAE threaded stud you are attempting to put into a Metric threaded hole.


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