Help!! 04 Mach 1 Code P0720

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    Default Help!! 04 Mach 1 Code P0720

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum.......have a 2004 Mach 1 automatic that previous owner took good care of but car sat for about 2 years. I've changed oil, new plugs, new coils, fresh fuel, new battery, new JLT Ram Air Intake and added a MAC Prochamber and Cat-back system. Upon starting the car, it smoked something terrible and still does but after a few very short drive cycles, CEL came on and O/D light flashed and odometer had dashes. Read code and it was P0720 - Output Speed Sensor. Replaced sensor, cleared code and took on a short drive, same problem with O/D light and odometer and it doesn't want to accelerate in drive. Drop it down into second and it pulls hard and runs good. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks so much in advance.

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    did you get a ford sensor or autozone type garbage? Either way I would either try a second a sensor or see if theres a way to test that sensor to make sure its good. Then I would check any fuses possibly related to that sensor then Id start looking at the harness itself. If it cant get that reading I could see it explaining all of your issues.

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    dsg2003mach1 - thanks for the reply. It was a Ford Sensor........I wouldn't buy that garbage from Autozone or Advance. I'll do everything you suggested and hopefully something will pan out.

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