Advice on DIY throw out bearing replacement

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    Default Advice on DIY throw out bearing replacement

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 03 3.8L V6 bone stock Manual transmission Mustang.

    Yesterday I started to hear noise when I depress the clutch pedal. My guess is it's the throw out bearing.

    I want to replace it myself, but I've never dropped a transmission, and was wondering if you guys had any advice?

    For example, do I need a jack to support the motor while the transmission is out?

    If I support the car with jack stands, am I going to have enough clearance to drop and shift the transmission?

    Any gotcha's that an experienced mechanic would give to a novice DIYer like myself about the project?


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    You do not need to support the motor.....motor is held in place by the motor mounts and K frame.

    Yes you can remove the trans and get it out from under the car with the car on stands.....just have to use tall stands.


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    Thanks! I appreciate the advice!

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    Feel free to see my step-by-step process for changing the clutch. it will walk you through from start to finish. It’s helped a lot of people.

    And this is the video for the terminator
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing the link!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonnBerries View Post
    Awesome, thanks for sharing the link!
    You got it! Enjoy

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