need replacement for parking brake return spring limiting bolt

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    Default need replacement for parking brake return spring limiting bolt

    I did a bad bad thing and over-torqued the parking brake return spring limiting bolt on a rear brake caliper on my '97 Cobra. It broke. One of the few times I don't pick up the torque wrench and this happens. In my defense, the top of the bolt is much thicker than the threading. So, its a bit deceiving.

    Anyway, does anyone know if it is possible to pick up one of these bolts without buying a whole new/reburbished caliper for $50+ ? Not even seems to sell it independently. I'm not so sure I can get away with putting just any bolt there of similar threading.

    Titusville, FL

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    I went to Ace Hardware and picked up a 6mm X 1.0 X 25mm class 10.9 bolt, a couple washers, and a 1/4" steel sleeve that I'm going to cut into two pieces to mimic the design of the broken limiting bolt. The solution runs about $5 and will likely be a stronger bolt than the stock one, without having to tap the hole to a larger size.

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