1985 F150 Bullnose Project - CV Swap - 4.6

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    Default 1985 F150 Bullnose Project - CV Swap - 4.6

    New to the forum, but performing a 4.6 swap in a 1985 F150 Lariat for my dad (POP). He is wanting this to be a project that we do together and one day give this truck to my son, he is almost 5. We started with a fairly straight 1985 F150 Lariat that only showed 61k original miles. it has been owned by the same family since new and was pretty loaded for a 1985 model. We had originally wanted to rebuild the original motor and trans, do some lowering beams and upgrade a few key items to make a good cruiser. Every year we go to Crusin the Coast, and this year we ran into a guy that had redone a Bumpside F100 he had redone. Upon talking to him, we discovered he had bought a Lincoln Town Car (same suspension and running gear as the Crown Vic) and used the motor, transmission, rear end and front suspension. He had also used the door handles and seats. He had done an amazing job and when you opened the hood, it looked factory. On the way home, my dad asked me if a CV swap was an option on his truck and that if we did that, we could buy a donor and use as much of it as we could. I started doing some research and found little information on the CV swap in a Bullnose, but had seen some completed trucks, so I knew it was possible but maybe not easy. We tore into the truck, removing the motor and transmission and getting ready for the build.

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    While we started disassembly, I started looking for a suitable donor. I missed a few good ones, but was able to snag an even better one (even though it had been smacked in the rear). The donor we got was a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis with 65k miles on it. This this was clean as a whistle, runs and drives great, cold air leather, and even had a full tank of gas in it.

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    We were able to sell a bunch of parts off of this car to recover some money, as well as the original 302/auto trans. My dad is retired and has very little patience, so he was eager to tear into this thing.

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    When I say we stripped this car, I mean we WE STRIPPED this car. You have to recoup as much as you can, right??
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    I like it. I really wish I could find a CV cheap enough here. Denver eats them all up with their population of modifiers down there.

    I like that Falcon van in the pic too. Plans for that?


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    Default Full Frame swap for Bullnose to Crown Vic

    Hi, It looks like you are going for using only some of the parts from the Crown Vic. I am in the process of doing a full frame, full drivetrain swap on a 1981 F100 Stepside onto a 2004 crown vic. I had the same issue you did with finding previous examples. It looks like most have only done 79 and older. Once I can post a full thread of my own I will document my progress, issues and resolutions to those issues. I have stripped down the vic and started thinning out the wire harness. The Truck is still a runner. My question is, did you decide to use only some of the parts because you determined that the full frame swap was impossible, or that the frame was un-usable because of the accident?

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