2018 Southeastern Lightning/HD meet @ ACE Cafe Orlando, FL
With special guests Tom Scarpello- If you have been around, and have your original certificate, you will see his name. He will be at the meet at 3pm, he will speak for a little, and take Q and A a little after. He was a true asset to our trucks as well as head of SVT. . It was a true honor to speak with him and if you do not know of his history, please look him up. IF you have his name on your certificates, he will sign them.
Sal Mennella-He was one of the true godfathers to our trucks, Power Surge Performance (PSP)if you do not know him, you need to. He was the first for a lot of aftermarket designs we use today. True honor to have him with us and to see what these trucks are today. He will be more than happy to talk tech, performance, and possible advice as well.

Vendors will be on site as well! Be sure to check out facebook for more info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1699401153665187/
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