Aluminator main stud torque sequence

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    Default Aluminator and wap main stud torque sequence

    Is it the same torque sequence than the teksid except skipping the jack screws ? Mine is actually a late teksid with 9mm side bolt like the wap block. I only found the sequence for the teksid with jack screws.
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    You need to buy Hyland's book on Building 4.6 Engines. Great reference lots of data consolidated in one spot.

    This is how I did mine and I believe Hyland indicates in his book;

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    p.s. I use 10mm outer studs you will have 8mm studs. You can not torque them to my 10mm specs. Get Hyland's book it will have the correct specs.
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    Thanks! Do i completely torque the main stud (3 steps) and then do the side bolts ? Or do step1 on main studs , do step1 on side bolts , step2 on main studs, step 2 on side bolts ect..
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    I do studs then side bolts. You should buy Hyland's book.


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    +2 on Hyland's book, lots of useful information.

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