Hey so I'm new to ford engines and the cars in general. I've never personally done an engine swap but my grandfather has a few times. What I was wondering was how easy is it to mate a 5.4L 3V to an AOD transmission? From what I can tell the bell housing pattern is the same as the 4R75E the engine comes with. I've got a few questions about it after I've done my research and any help is appreciated greatly. The AOD is a full hydraulic transmission that uses some kind of throttle cable sensor to time shifts properly from what I can tell. But the AODE and newer transmissions from this family use electronic shift control. I've got a few main questions I'd really appreciate help on. I've read all the 5.4 crown vic swap threads I could find and they appear to usually be mating the 5.4L 2V to an AODE or 4R70W. Here are some of my main questions:

1: Would it be easier to take the 4R75E and the 5.4L 3V all as one unit and drop that in the Town Car? Would it mess up my speedometer reading badly?
2: Is there any way to get a 5.4L 3V to work with an AOD transmission?
3: What kind of flexplate and torque converter would I want on an AOD and 5.4L triton setup?
4: Would it be easier than either of the other two options to go take an AODE or 4R70W out of a scrapped crown vic?

I've got the chance to grab the motor from an F150 being parted out and I'm sure I could take the trans as well. Some of these questions might be some easy answers I've glossed over but this is all I've got in my head right now. Any info on a Town Car 5.4L swap is awesome for me. I've never done mechanical work on this scale and want to have all my info lined up before I jump in and buy a motor and trans. The truck is a 2005 F150 if that helps.