4.6 DOHC waverunner done but only running on 4, ??

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    Default 4.6 DOHC waverunner done but only running on 4, ??

    Well, it has been a long project, but it is done. I used the Ron Francis wiring and everything seems to work except it is only running on the left bank of cylinders. The right header pipes are completely cold. The plugs are firing, and it backfires a bit, and I cant believe all those fuel injectors or fuel injector circuits are bad, plus I can smell some fuel. I checked the spark plug lead routing. When I took it apart I marked where each plug wire went, and they are to length so they really are obvious where they go, I left all the wires tied together and left them connected to the coils, so I cant imagine that I messed that up. But nevertheless the "internet" told me they were wrong. Attached is a picture showing how I wired it first and how it ran on just cylinders 5 through 8. Also shown is how the "internet" told me it should be wired. It popped and banged and tried to start, but would not. So can anyone help me? How should it be wired? Searching the internet I found some information that there can be a cam sensor issue that causes one cylinder bank to go down. Anyone know about this?

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    Well, the mystery continues. I found yet another coil wiring on the mustang forum, says for a '96 dohc mustang. I tried that wiring and it is totally different than either of the other wirings and I was back to running on the left bank only again.

    What is it about that right bank that can make it fail? also how can the left bank run with different wiring? ??
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    Call Keith at Ron Francis Wiring. He is pretty smart and can probably help you track down the problem. Also, do you have a scanner you can plug into the port to see if you can pull any codes that might help determine issues?

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    Wow! That is beyond crazy man! Mind if I ride it! Lol.
    I run a bs3 with LS coils for ignition and had a similar problem to yours, turned out to be a grounding issue with my coils on the right side. For me, I just made sure the harness and ignition coils were grounded to the heads and block and then block to frame and neg batt.

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