Technical specs of the 5-4

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    Default Technical specs of the 5-4

    Does anyone have tech specs on 5.4 big end bore spec small end bore engine bore diameter stroke piston top compression hight rod jurnal size main jurnal size wrist pin size basically everything inside the 1999 to 2004 Ford lightning. Been looking everywhere for internal specs and can't find anything on the 5.4 .I know they are the same as the f150s for the most part but need help looking for specs. Trying to build a 5.4 lightning from scratch

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    I find that Google works pretty well in general. For some things like the rod specs a Manley catalog is quite good.


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    Yeah been googling specs. Can't get the rod specs at all. I know the length just not the factory rod specs for bore diameters and wrist pin diameter

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    What about oil bearing clearances ? I've hear 0.018 is good for iron blocks ? Just making sure to rebuild this engine 100% correctly. I'm using CSX racing H beam rods and factory pistons with a forged factory crank. Just wanting to make low 500hp. And seriously not looking for suggestions on keeping it stock if that my HP limit or someone lame telling me to just buy a built block. Stay on subject please . Not trying to an ass but just want answers the questions I have asked thanks

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    If you do not want to "keep it stock" then you should by all means modify it as you see fit.

    If you are looking for stock specs for Ford engines from Ford, then you need to search the net to get a copy of this Ford Publication or one like it,

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    Alternatively you could buy a shop manual from Helm who publishes all Ford's doc or opt for any of the better How to build Ford Modular Engines type publications available from Amazon and elsewhere.


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    I'm going to keep everything stock except for the rods those are junk factory forged crank factory pistons... I will be using an SCT 2400 maf 6lb lower with long tube headers 2 3/4 inch exhaust x pipe using nothing but Factory cats porting out the stock "HEATON" supercharger porting and polishing the heads upgraded beehive valve springs tr6 plugs and a Dyno tune....that's it nothing crazy maybe lager injectors. The engine is going in my ranger. Prerunner

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    Anybody got any high torque cam options? Not wanting to sacrifice torque !! I know theres someone on here with experience building these engines ???

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    No one really has any experience with these engines??

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