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    Hey everyone. I dont own a new Mustang, but this question relates, and Mustang owners seem to get under the hood the most of Ford vehicles, and figure out whats what etc. The sad part is, im a Ford Tech and I cant even get a clear answer on this...

    Pink Coolant. Im sure some of your cats came with it, if not most. NO it isnt jist "faded" Orange. I service TONS of cars, and ive seen Orange coolant both overused and over dilluted, and it DOES NOT turn pink! It also smells completely different, and i dont go trying, but its not bitter tasting either (**** happens when u do this all day lol) What it DOES remind me of is the G40 my wife's Benz gets. This is also an OAT coolant, but uses alternative organic acids than the DexCool variety stuff in our Orange. This would be compatible,and not cause issues mixing, as well as likely outlive the Orange in neglected vehicles. But we wouldnt want that too long now would we? Gotta sell new cars...

    Why do i care? Even as a Tech i think Ford slips stuff past us, and makes choices that put reliability second (5w20 oil anyone? Ask me how i k know if u dont believe..) So if a better coolant is compatible and better i want to know!

    So if anyone has found an answer on this i would love to know wether that stuff is G40 or what it is. Thanks!

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    Wow never really thought about that, I see no point or valid excuse for them to use pink coolant though so yeah you are right, especially by being a Ford tech lol

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