Got a 3v auto! Help modding?

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    Default Got a 3v auto! Help modding?

    i just got a 3v auto 07 with 90k miles in it. I am planning to make a fun cruiser car. I do a lot of city driving. The car its stock, i just have purchased a CAI and my next mod will be tune and 4.10 gears. Those are the most bang for your buck from what I have read. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Any other ideas on how to make the car go fast but without making it loud?

    This are the list of mods I think they are too expensive, loud or not worth the hassle.
    LT headers
    62mm throttle body
    Mufflers or O/R pipe

    Any mods that you can suggest to make the car still reliable and suited for comfort driving without loud cabin noise? Or that’s just it.

    Supercharging is not an option.

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    If you're considered about cabin noise I'd skip the 4.10 gears. I have them in my 07 GT and especially on long highway trips being at higher RPMs gets old fast.

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