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    My GT 07 stopped working (I crank and it breathes a little and the en it shuts down) and the culprit is the harness in the middle of the ecu (the throttle body is all crazy and make noises).

    The harness did go bad when they were fixing the ac and moved the lines and created a bad connection in this harness. The harness looks this way because the car was in a crash. I bought it semirepaired and the car was running just fine. It gave me trouble when they moved the lines installing the new ac condenser.

    I will try to find a broken line or a bad connection in the harness but I want to ask if there is a place where I can buy this harness so I just can plug and play.

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    Did you try Ford?


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    I have a donor harness from a 2010, and I'd be willing to cut that piece out for you. I'd leave you plenty if pigtail to solder all the wires back if you are up for the challenge. I can't guarantee the wire colors will be the same so you'd have to be meticulous about documenting what wires go in which slots. Let me know and we can work out a price.

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