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    Gibtec will typically call out a 0.004" PTW spec for the pistons. If you can manage the engine temperature into a 180˚F to 190˚F (82˚C to 88˚C) window you can easily run 0.035" PTW or a whisker tighter 0.032" PTW. Ring life will improve, leak down will improve and internal frictional drag will decrease. With either of the alcohols the 180˚F target should be pretty easy to maintain.

    Gasoline will add difficulty to maintaining the 180˚F temp but will not preclude it — just don't run the engine lean. If you have E-10 fuel at the pumps, like we do stateside, be sure to remember the Stoich point drops from 14.7 to 14.08 which translates into an 11.2 AFR as the line in the sand you don't want to go leaner than.

    Try to stay with the alcohols (E-85), the motor will like the fuel, the plugs last much longer, detonation is all but unheard of, yada, yada, yada.

    When your install the sleeves do not finish the bores to a standard bore spec number. Once you have assigned pistons to bores for balancing purposes then measure each piston and fit that piston to its assigned bore. Tbe torque plates are nice to use but not important for the same reasons they are on cast iron blocks or aluminum blocks with cast in place sleeves. The big benefit to torque plates with replaceable sleeves is that they hold the sleeve in place while boring and finish honing. You will not experience bore distortions with replaceable liners like you did with cast in place sleeves.

    Tease us a bit with some liner porn, liner installation porn and piston porn

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