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    Default PCM repair vendor suggestions

    Anyone have a specific vendor they use/trust for repairs of EEC-V pcm's? If so contact information or website would be greatly appreciated.

    M. Miller

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    have you opened it up to check out what is exactly wrong? for instance EECIVs are known to blow 3 cheap as hell capacitors that cost 30cents and are very easy to resolder.

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    Unless you are a experienced CE for automotive or personal electronics and familiar with the particular Intel CPU architecture, I would recommend not attempting the removal or installation of circuit board components — even lowly capacitors.

    In the past some autoparts stores would offer reman ECU's with typically short warranties. A 30 day warranty or sometimes a 90 day warranty might be possible. It was also not uncommon to find a warranty that was as long as it took you to leave the parts store.

    I would suggest you might want to find an EEC-V ECU in a salvage yard. They can usually be obtained relatively inexpensively, that's the good news. The bad news is there is no warranty whatsoever so you assume all the risk. Additionally you will need to refresh it with the last Terminator ECU strategy which was the AMZ strategy.

    The best alternative is if you can find one from Ford. The last Ford sourced EEC-V Terminator ECU I knew of came out of an LA dealership. It was supposedly the last one in existence. I did not test to see if it was true or not. At the time the dealership was asking $500 or something like that because of availability although there were still reman units in the distribution channel.

    Call your local Ford dealer. It is improbable that he would have one, but he can search the Ford dealerships nationwide to see if any are available. If there is one out there and it is reasonably priced you're out of the weeds. If there isn't then you need to go to your local parts stores and check to see what reman units they have available. Your next fall back would be the salvage yard.

    If you can not find one in any of those places come back and PM me. I have a new from Ford EEC-V Terminator ECU that has never been in a car. It has the last AMZ-1 tune strategy already installed. I purchased it about 10 years ago for my project and ended up using an aftermarket system instead, (MS3Pro PnP see below) which brings up another good alternative I forgot to mention that you might want to explore.

    DIYAutoTUNE.com sells the MS3Pro PnP system for our cars (Terminator and non-Termnators). The system is a plug and play system that will plug directly into your existing wiring harness and run your dash and all OEM instruments which is very nice. To my knowledge they are the only people who offer this capability. The system also comes with a good base tune to get you out of the blocks so you or your tuner can pick up from there. Here is a write up about it on MF click here=> MS3Pro PnP

    The MS3Pro PnP solution will set you back ~$1359 plus incidentals (i.e. dual widebands etc if you so choose). Significantly it will run the car very nicely with all the OEM stuff and, like the PnP naming suggests, just plugging it into the OEM wiring harness ECU connector.

    Ypu have a couple of paths open to you for recovery from your ECU failure. I suspect you can find more than one that will work. If you can not and you are unwilling or unable to step up for the MS3Pro PnP solution get back in touch with me, I'm sure l will still have that original Ford EEC-V Terminator ECU.

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    FYI, this has been somewhat resolved with another PCM swap I had. PATS is the biggest issue when swapping ECU's, yes it can be "worked" around. But, that's not I do things.
    Thanks never the less

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    Good to hear things worked out well for you.


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