Timing chain replacement how to ?

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    Default Timing chain replacement how to ?

    I need help on the this. This is my first time with modulars. Im building a 5.4 dohc but I don't know how to install or degree the cams? Any body have some info on this? Seems like a huge pain in the ass. !!!! How do I set the cams up correctly before I put the sprockets on and primary sprockets and chains on. ? Wish there were videos on YouTube about this lol

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    I suggest looking into a book written by Sean Hyland. He goes over the many aspects of these engines.

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    One thing I will say, about chains and tensioner, guides,
    in mod motors., go ome or
    better for replacement, or you will be doing it again.
    learned that one the hard way.

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    Yeah I use only Ford oem stuff of quality parts. I don't cheap out on anything for these engines. Yeah I'm guessing I will need to buy a book or something

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    Think I used YouTube for an overview of the
    process, that was helpful, also and the trick flow guide, ... on the adjustable crank gears they sell.
    and a chilton book, that book is almost worthless imho.still need to get a ford service manual but it’s speedy, was paranoid about getting this wrong, with new bigger cams, new heads...did not want to trash em our the gate.
    And was my first time doing it, on a mod motor. was a pita, doing it alone, wanted to skip
    one tooth on me, but it’s all worked out, got it right, and checked it again and again, to be sure.
    just doing the chains, is not that bad. Just check and double check before you crank it up.
    once it was all lined up, I pumped oil in the system, using a cheep garden pump up spray can, and plastic tubing, , till I saw oil at the tensioners, puts tension on the whole mess, before putting the cover back on, checked all my dots/black links, again, good to go.

    next round I am doing this on an engine stand, not it the car, but the block is getting changed out. And a few other things....

    i say search YouTube for a how to...

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    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I've looked all over YouTube and can't find anything. I'm really trying to understand how to degree the cams . I can do it on a 2v no issues. But 4 v sounds more complicated. And than making sure to align the cams perfectly before I install the secondary chain. Yeah how do you prime the oil system up first to get all the tension to the parts like the lifters and tensioners? How did you do it exactly. Not sure what a garden pump thing is that you used haha I'm ignorant clue me in please

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    Looks what I found, a well known cam maker posted this.
    The sprayer was just a Walmart garden pump up plastic deal,
    Or bug spayers , not sure what is called, about a 2 quart size, usually they are1-5 gallon size, I found it in the garden area , and used plastic tubing, I can not recall exactly were I pumped oil into, some place around the oil filter I believe is a set screw. And used fittings from a one man bleeder kit.
    With decreeing cams, I think it’s best to find a pro, I am lucky in that my brother is freinds with a drag race guy, and he has helped me with things I get stuck on.
    4v whew, that would be a job, never worked with them.
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    Definitely get the book that Matt (PainlessAuto) told you about.

    You might want to search the site a bit before you ask the questions on your mind. Start over in the 03/04 SVT Terminator Forum and go to the Terminator Table of Contents (TToC) you will find a wealth of knowledge broken up into logical sections that speed you to the information you are looking for.


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