I have a 1957 Ranchero sporting a '95 Mark VIII 4.6L and am having issues with fuel pressure, like how much.
I have the stock fuel tank and need to find a fuel pump, preferably an in the tank unit, but will consider an external unit.
I no longer have the Mark VIII and sent the plastic fuel tank and it's internal fuel pump to the boneyard after caniblizing every piece and part that might work on my build.
So, here I am wondering what kind of fuel pressure is required to keep this baby humming from here to the East Coast pulling a 1953 Fleetwood 13' travel trailer?
I am very close to installing the engine for the final time and then need to fire it, but I need fuel pressure to do that and I have to find out how much this engine will require...
Most of my life I worked as a technician, which is a fancy name for a mechanic, in a Cadillac, Rolls Royce and Bentley dealership in the Chicago area and I am familiar with the fuel pressure that the "Northstar" would require, which is considerable.
From what I've been told and what I've read so far, this engine uses around 40psi? Give or take depending on rpm, engine load etc.
Does that sound correct to you guys, I have come over from the "dark side" and have found Ford products much easier to work on and more logical in almost everyway.
Too bad I didn't listen till after retirement, but hey at least I found out what I was doing wrong all these years, you gotta give me that!