04 GT Timing Table

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    Default 04 GT Timing Table

    Does anyone have a stock timing table i can view? Trying to see where ford has their factory setting so i can kinda mimic the tune in the low load area to my Holley.

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    The ECU's, their engine management approach and the protections they have available in their programming are different. Use Holley's self learning mode to get your baseline.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the self learn function works great for the fuel table. The timing table is on the end user though. I just wanted to see where ford had the timing in the part throttle ranges.

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    Unless you are running a race fuel, when the engine is under load you will likely use timing in the middle to high teens at best.

    If you are running a supercharged gas engine and not using a factory ECU with factory timing maps you would be far ahead of the game to get a J&S Vampire detonation detection and correction system. It can pick up the first instance of detonation and before the next ignition event pull timing on just the single cylinder that detonated, bringing it back half way for each successive ignition event until detonation is detected again. At the second detection it pulls back to the last known 'good' timing for that cylinder. It will do this for all eight cylinders simultaneously in real time.

    If you run a modified blown gas engine this is not only the best protection available it also produces the maximum safe power possible. Here is a link to their site => J&S Electronics

    It is not cheap and it actually works as described.


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