Anybody using the new Hp Tuners MPTVI on the 1999 - 2004's Yet ?

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    Default Anybody using the new Hp Tuners MPTVI on the 1999 - 2004's Yet ?

    I am very stoked to see HP Tuners support for these cars finally. I use HPT on all of my LS models since back in early 2000. Its amazing logging and tuning software.

    I am curious to know if there are any quirks working with the older PCM's on these cars ? How is rear write stability ?

    We should have our MPVI2 in a few weeks.

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    I’ve been looking into this also. I have the sct prp right now. I’ve seen HPT used by friends and it just seems more user friendly but it’s hard to find info for the 99-04 mustang platform.

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    I just ordered the upgrade for my MPVI to the lastest pro version with older Ford support and the Plex V2 . Ill post how it goes. I still have to mail it in.

    HP Tuners is amazing software so I am hoping there are no connection issues to the older PCM.

    The Pro version of the latest HP Tuners comes with the additional data cable which includes dual analog inputs and 1 can bus input. I ordered the Plex V2 Dual with Can Bus in hopes I can use just the default connector (2 Analog Wide Bands + Plax on Can Bus) and not need the expander hub.

    Its winter here now so updates will be slow to come but I think this should be a great setup.

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