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    Default Teksid 2V with twist

    This is kind of a backward build but I put a Teksid 2V in my 97 cobra and saved 90lbs off the front end. This made it well worth it. But either the tune was bad or i ran too high of compression and damaged several of the ring lands on the pistons. I still have the cobra ECU so I wanted to try and connect the knock sensors this time. But with the Ford Performance intake there doesn't seem to be enough room to add the sensors under the intake. Anyone tried this? Did you have to mill the sensor boss? There doesn't seem to be too many people putting Teksid 2V into Cobras so I decided to try this forum.

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    Where did you locate a Teksid 2v? What did it come out of? Very interested. About to build my 2v and have been contemplating doing a teksid block build. My car looks fast but needs the actual go to go with the look.

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    I'm building it now but trying to see if anyone was able to add a knock sensor

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    What did the block come out of?

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    The block/crank came from a 99 or later Cobra but it is not a WAP so kind of a crossover engine

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    The one thing I'm confused about is the tensioner timing arm guide. There seems to be the sohc and the dohc versions and a left and right side. The ones I seem to have look identical left and right. There's a gap on the dowel on the right side which looks like it needs a spacer or something.
    Anyone look into this before?

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    How do you think you save 90lbs?

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    I would guess 2 fewer cams,composite intake(no upper/lower plenums), smaller front cover, fewer chains, smaller heads etc
    Never weighed the removed parts but that's what the scales said. This is a race only car so weighing after major changes is necessary.

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