blower pulley bushings.

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    Default blower pulley bushings.

    Anyone know where to get good longer lasting bushings for the crank pulley. mine are showing wear and slack. I put an after market pulley setup on, but the car makes more power now that I have rebuilt the engine, and crank snout breakage kinda scares me

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    Those slowly disappeared without much fanfare a few years back, Will. From a dealer perspective the best bet would be to get in contact with Steve Powell at Tasca's FRPP parts operation. If anybody can find them he would be able to. If, as I suspect, they are just no longer available you could always try sourcing some very high durometer rubber from places like McMaster Carr and having it cut down to fit. The rubber would have to be really high durometer and then you need to find a shop willing to work with you. The other route would be to get some delrin bar stock and machine it to fit or, almost forgot about this stuff, ultra-high-molecular-weight polypropylene (UHMWPE) which is commercially available, nicer to use than Delrin and available at places like this, click here =>Aircraft Materials.

    In the FWIW bucket the broken snouts are mostly a manual transmission big blower problem that had more to do with changes in blower rotor pack rpm at gear changes. If you had a 30% engine rpm drop on the gear change, changed gears at 6500 rpm and the blower was running twice crank speed the rotor pack would go from 13,000 rpm to 9100 rpm instantly when you let the clutch out after the gear change. If your clutch was robust (like most are) the crank snout has to absorb all the inertial torque from the rotor pack to slow the blower and do it in microseconds.

    Those type of events instantaneously put a reverse torque on the crank snout. Use a large enough rotor pack at a high enough rpm, enough times and you break the snout off. The crank stud helps to mitigate the problem because it eliminates one of two destructive forces on the snout of the crank. The force it eliminates is the tensile loading from the crank snout bolt trying to pull the snout straight forward and off the crank. The stud sandwiches everything on the snout between the #1 main and the nut on the front of the stud.

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