Getting ready to buy a Cobra need serious help

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    Default Getting ready to buy a Cobra need serious help

    As the title says getting ready to buy my first Cobra I actually have questions about a couple that I'm very interested in. I'm going to post the mods that they have on the cars and what I'd like to know is which one has the best set up especially for reliability. I'll basically be using them as a weekend warrior running around on the streets no going to the strip nothing like that, basically just wanting power and reliability I know things break when you start modding Motors but which one of these would be the most reliable according to the parts. The red cobra is the parts list on paper sorry about that the guy was at work and had to hurry up and jot down the parts that he knew of the second one is the silver Cobra the guy gave me a full rundown every single part. Silver is pushing 661hp/596tq red is 651/628
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    Everything there is to know about the car in one place:

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    When you start to bore these engines you might want to look at this thread => Why You Want to Use Std Sized Bores

    Be sure to read Joe's thread => Aluminator Gibtec Build. It is the soup to nuts story on how to build one and there is even a Table of Contents in post #1!

    Joe also has a reference only website (you can't post to it) that is the most complete information on Terminator cars and engines I have seen anywhere. Click his link in post #2


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    The full Tilt Boogie bushing kit tends to make a lot of noise and that make it appear that something is broken or about to fall off so I would proceed with caution. Secondly, a .020 overbore is a bad idea as the cast iron cylinders are already thin without any boring done.

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