Looking to Build 5.2 Voodoo motor with a Super Charger- need some feedback

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    Default Looking to Build 5.2 Voodoo motor with a Super Charger- need some feedback

    Looking to Build 5.2 Coyote motor with new Ford block or bear block , Shelby GT350 heads, and crank, with a Super Charger- with a target of 800 HP, and a 6 speed need some feedback

    Thanks RW
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    Your Voodoo block has the same bore spacing and deck height as the 5.0, but uses 94-by-93-millimeter bore-and-stroke dimensions to produce 5.163 liter displacement. Ford has played with 94mm cylinder bores on a 100 mm bore center block since the early 2000's. The best implementation of the bore was the FR500C engines used in the n/a road race Mustang factory race cars. The cars and the engine were stunning performers,

    The 94 mm bore necessitated a very thin cast iron sleeve and made the blocks poor choices for supercharged applications. Later PTWA big bore blocks were decidedly more tender than cast iron sleeved equivalents at similar power levels. Like some of the earlier large bore 5.8L engines, Voodoo’s larger bores necessitate plasma-transferred wire-arc cylinder surfaces instead of Coyote’s usual iron liners. Even with the usual iron liner the Coyote block has thinner liners than the 4.6L block. In a n/a application this is not an issue. In a supercharged application the thin cylinder walls between bores produce the expected reduction in service life that Ford had seen on all earlier big bore thin liner or PTWA finish versions of the engine platform.

    Your block has a $3,425 MSRP in the FRPP catalog. It can be had for a bit less with a little shopping but it is not inexpensive. When you supercharge it you you will have two significant challenges.

    The first is head gasket seal. With a 100mm bore center and a 94mm bore you only have 6mm (0.236") between bores. This is not even a quarter inch and it is insufficient for proper gasket seal in a supercharged engine. The original iron BOSS 5.0 block has the same sealing geometry problem but it has the more rigid cast iron block and siamesed cylinders that allowed the use of figure 8 stainless o-rings to improve gasket seal. The aluminum block big bore Voodoo engine will not allow the figure 8 stainless wire o-ring solution.

    The second challenge you will have is the PTWA cylinder wall surface. If you burn a piston (a common hazard is blown gas engines) the block is trashed. You either have to sleeve the entire block or buy a new block. Neither choice is a very attractive alternative.

    The Voodoo platform has a high sizzle factor for a factory n/a showroom offering. It has a high price tag and short life span for enthusiasts who look to supercharging. If you want to supercharge I would use a less expensive block and sleeve it using flanged LA Sleeves or any of the other equivalent aftermarket offerings. The best Coyote block you can buy today for supercharged applications is the BBM Coyote that is built using flanged sleeves like the LA alternatives I spoke of. the mains are massive for supercharged applications with something like 0.050 or so clearance between the counterweights and the main caps. The main studs are ½ inch ARP studs that get torqued to 125 ft/lbs and use four 7/16 inch side bolts per main cap. All main caps are doweled to the block for precision alignment.

    Here is a link to an article by Race Pages Digital on the block, click here => BBM Coyote. The pics show the stunning bottom end strength and speaks to the improved cylinder support and cooling that supercharged applications will require. Nice little touches like AN oil ports instead of the daily driver oil filter plumbing that Ford provides on factory blocks make this not only likely the strongest Coyote water block available anywhere today but also the nicest to work with and use.

    Here is a profile pic of the block, it was built from the ground up for supercharged applications.

    Name:  006-Coyote-Bear-Block-Motors-Fastest-Street-Car-Magazine-NMRA.jpg
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Size:  36.0 KB

    BTW, just in case you haven't picked up on it yet, the Voodoo block is not a good starting point for a supercharged engine.

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    I have note bought anything yet, wanted feedback from the experts first. I wanted to do all my research before I buy parts !! Please keep going what about heads ect!!

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    Read Joe Goffin's Aluminator Gibtec Build thread. You want to do essentially the same things for your Coyote. Some things are Modmotor specific like the primary chain tensioner pivot pins but most other stuff translates over quite well. When it comes time to get the heads, just buy the best flowing heads that are commercially available at the time. Cams are way down the road. Get the other stuff sorted out first and then decide on cams last.


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    Thanks Ed, for all the Information!!

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    Well it looks like I need to buy a 2017 block and sleeve it, or buy the Bear Block, and get some Shelby 350 heads??

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