need clutch help

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    Default need clutch help

    went to put the clutch back in the car and noticed the pivot ball was very oddly worn. so I had a Lakewood adjustable one that I never used and put it and a new throw out bearing in. I took a measurement from the lower lip of the ball and kept it the same. put it back together. now instead of clutch engagement 2 inches from the floor, its now on top and it slips. it feels like constant spring tension on the pedal too, no slack. is the ball itself taller or shorter on a Lakewood? and do I move it in and shorten it or raise it and lengthen it. fire wall adjuster is all way in.

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    Did you compare the 2 pivot balls before installing? Sounds like it needs to be shortened.

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    How much clearance do you have between the pressure plate release fingers and the throwout being when the clutch is engaged, Will?


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