T45 'bellhousing' dimensions

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    Default T45 'bellhousing' dimensions

    So, I have a T45 with a hydraulic slave, but the mount I created 10yrs ago has it pushing the fork sideways...long story short, I want to redo the slave cylinder mount.

    I drew up a mount sketch, only to find out out Modern Drivelines has a kit you can buy that mounts EXACTLY where I was thinking of doing it! The hitch here is I want to make my own mount as I already have all the hydraulics etc there (saving myself $250). Does anyone know off-hand (or have a T45 on the shelf/garage floor) what the correct distance would be for these two bolts? I could probably eventually figure it out, but it would be a PITA while it's mounted in my car that I'm driving every day!

    Thanks in advance! (PS, The first picture IS my car. I haven't really shared it over here at all yet. (4.6DOHC+Laminova Intake+GT500 M122)

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    Try calling the guys at FRPP. I have had these sorts of questions over the years and the FRPP guys have always been quite helpful.


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    No kidding. That would be a great resource if they could give that info out. I'll give them a shout later today/tomorrow. Thanks Ed.

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    Well, it was worth a try, but the guy at FRPP wasn't able to pull up the bellhousing drawing by itself. It came up as 'not available' for him.

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    It is always nice when the Ford guys try even if they don't succeed.

    The dry well means you're back to the hunt and hope solution. Too bad the FRPP guys were not able to find the dimensions.


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    Yeah, it would have been nice, but it's not 100% surprising they couldn't access the drawing. Come to think about it, a lot of it is probably vendor designed, so FORD might not even have that drawing. I can get in there and get dimensions, it's just really tight in the Z to fiddle around with calipers and whatnot.

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    I know that feeling ...


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