Torque Spec for Spark Plugs 4.6 32 valve

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    Default Torque Spec for Spark Plugs 4.6 32 valve

    Hey im not sure if in right area to post this so i come to you guys. I need help on the correct torque spec for an 2003 Lincoln Aviator 4.6 32 valve motor? Ive done some research and i hear should go with around 20ish if dont want them to blow out and so on.

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    If you have 4 thread heads you should have the heads converted to 9 thread heads. The best way to do this is the Ford recommended Lock-N-Stitch fix.

    If you elect to not fix the heads the Ford recommended torque is 18 to 20 Nm or 11 to 14 ft/lbs for the 4 thread heads.

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    If you torque to Ford Spec the 4 thread heads will fail sooner rather than later depending on how often you service your plugs.

    The best advice if you keep the heads as 4 thread pieces is to lightly hand tighten the plug giving it a ⅛ turn after it seats in the head.

    By far the best advice is go the Ford recommended Lock-N-Stitch route. I have attached Ford's TSB on their recommended repair for the heads.

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    I always torque to 155 inlbs (almost 13 ftlbs.), never had an issue with the threads failing or blowing out a plug. I also use a small amount of anti seize on the threads of the plug before install. I've done this with B and C 4 thread heads as well as 2v heads and never had an issue.

    I still think the big issue with the threads failing is incorrect torque of the plugs, lack of an anti seize compound and pulling plugs when the engine is hot. Of course I could be totally wrong, but like I said, never had an issue after over 20 years of messing with these engines.

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