Harmonic Balancer squeak

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    Default Harmonic Balancer squeak

    I have a squeak sound coming from my Harmonic balancer. I pulled the belt off to see where the sound was coming from. There is no wobble or play in it. A little about my car. It’s a 2002 4.75 MMR 750 with a 4r70w and a Journal bearing PT7675 ON3 turbo kit. I have good oil pressure 100psi at start and 45 when warmed up. The balancer is a Steeda Underdrive pulley. When I listen with a stethoscope on the turbo what would I hear if the sound is coming from the turbo being that the turbo is the only other thing spinning with the belt off. I have no knocking sounds in the motor either. YouTube link with the video...



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    That is not a turbo related sound, that is definitely engine related. The sound frequency changes in lock step with engine speed, meaning it can not be a turbo.

    If you do not have an oil leak by the damper it is improbable it is the damper oil seal. That means it is most likely somewhere in the drive mechanism for the cams. With the serpentine drive belt removed the alternator, water pump and power steering pump can not be the source. So as Sherlock Holmes would have said to you, "...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

    Time to take off the valve covers and the front cover.


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    Ya when I put a stethoscope on timing cover next to the crank pulley I hear it.. guess I gotta pull the cover.. what could it possibly be crank trigger ??

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    Take the cover off, look around. It will reveal itself.

    "...whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."


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    Removed the Balancer what do you think
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    It would appear that the elastomer has deteriorated. How old is the damper?


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