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    Finally getting around to assembling my original wap block. Using the King bearings, bought the two sets to steal the flanged thrust etc
    Heres my question. Are the upper bearings slightly wider than the lowers? When I laid the bearings in and seated the caps without the crank installed, the edges of the bearings do not line up. So I grabbed an upper and lower from the package of throwaway bearings(stole the flanged thrust bearing from this pak) and noticed that the upper bearing is slightly wider than the lower bearing. I guess this is normal? first time assembling the short block and too old to learn new tricks!
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    If you check the King catalog, King shows both the upper and lower bearings to be the same width. If you have different width upper and lower bearings something is wrong. They should be the same.


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    Thx for replying Ed. Yea i cant believe what i am seeing. Uppers an lowers from same plastic sealed pak and they are different width, very small difference. Will post a pic when i get home, will call king tomorrow

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    5281 upper and lower.
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    The King Catalog shows the 5281 Upper and lower bearings to be 0.756" wide for both the upper and lower inserts. The pic below is cut and pasted from their 2018 catalog;

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    Use a dial caliper to measure the width of the two inserts. One should be 0.756" wide. The other should be also or else it is defective. If neither is 0.756" wide both are defective. Contact King and they will replace them with good pieces. Do not assemble the engine with the inserts in your pics.

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