Lack of lubrication or something else?

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    Default Lack of lubrication or something else?

    This is a fresh build and has dyno time only. Tuner noticed some valve-train noise and pulled the covers off to find scoring in the caps. I have a refurb'd set of heads that should be going on the car later this week, however don't want to run into the same situation again. Any ideas on where to start looking for issues? Oil squirters didn't seem to be clogged...

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    Remove the cams and check the oil ports. Has to be clogged in the head if you still had oil pressure.

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    Are you sure you had good, solid oil pressure? Were your heads completely disassembled on this new build? Sometimes they put the plugs back in wrong. Other times, they don't put the oil galley plugs back in the block. If you have this damage on the cylinder head, you could have additional damage. Did you disassemble the shortblock?

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    The did you check pointers the guys are offering you are spot on Brady.

    In your first picture I am assuming the black on the cam cap bearing surfaces is moly lube. Am I correct?

    When you put together a fresh engine all the oil galleys are empty. It is to your advantage to refill the oil galleys after assembly and before first start. While the moly grease is good I like to add a few drops of Prolong on each cam journal and bearing saddle. The Prolong has significant staying power and can prevent damage to the cam saddles and cam journals at first start.

    Don't get carried away with the Prolong, a little goes a very long way. Too much in a new engine before the rings have seated can create ring seating problems. After your rings have seated you should include a bottle of Prolong with every oil change — it will literally save your heads and cams. Remember the cams saddles are literally the last items in the oil supply chain to get lubricated so treat them with extra care.


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