Stand alone ECU options and suggestions

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    Default Stand alone ECU options and suggestions

    I have a 95 teksid long block from a Mark 8 and stock ECU harness. I see a lot of the Holley systems are for the 99+ 4.6 DOHC setups. Whats the major differnce between the two that would keep me from using that ECU harness from Holley? Does anyone have a better reccomendation? Car will be a turbo setup, E85, trans brake and boost control will come from Leash unless the Holley has good control. Right now what I know is MS3PRO thats on my Camaro. Im not opposed to using the stock ECU and HP Tuners, but I want something that is reliable and doesn't have me chasing issues all season long.
    Thanks for the replies

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    You already have experience with the MS series of ECU's and also the Tuner Studio tuning s/w they use. If you haven't checked out the MS3Pro Ultimate offerings that DIY and AMP/EFI offer you ought to. They are on par with much more expensive systems like Haltech. With your existing familiarity and experience you could be up and running with a very familiar ECU quickly. As you already know they are perhaps among the most capable and also competitively priced units out there.

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    Well I was okay with MS3PRO until yesterday. Mine took a **** AGAIN yesterday while on the dyno with my other car. My cousin has had nothing but bad luck, failing ECU boards and problems with the ultimate. I was all in until yesterday. Its a little upsetting as I chased ECU issues all last year and I thought they were sorted out and the car was working well finally.

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    I would check your installation. MS ECU's have been around longer than just about any commercially available aftermarket ECU. They are well beyond being debugged.

    ECU's of any type are particularly sensitive to power, proper grounding and electrical noise. When you are building an EFI system from scratch you have total responsibility for all the engineering the OEM manufacturer did for their ECU and it is incumbent on you to duplicate it for your custom installation. If you do not then the problems you are experiencing will raise their heads no matter whose ECU you use.

    Be sure to check the MS support board. You will find a lot of knowledge and help available there — but you will be doing the work, usually.


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    I'm also interested in how the Holley Terminator or Dominator goes? Particularly the ones that drive the 4R70w. Strangely,according to the Holley site, it seems the TerminatorX drives the 4R but the more powerful Dominator still does not?

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