ECU box code question KB supercharger

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    Default ECU box code question KB supercharger

    I am in the process of ordering a KB supercharger for my 07 GT, I bought the car with a Bama tune installed and I did not purchase the Tuner from the previous owner. He sold the tuner separately.
    KB tells me the ECM must be flashed to stock tune and that I must know the 4 digit box code with the reflash.
    I spoke with BAMA and they told me my Ford dealership will be able to reflash and give me (?) a 7 digit strategy code that will tell me which box code is in the reflash.
    My ford dealership (?) reflashed my ecm and hasn’t been able to figure what the box code is.
    Would anyone be able to chime in on this if it makes any sense?
    Thanks Jon

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    The box code is probably the strategy code. To refresh the box your dealer has to select a strategy code prior to reflashinig. Ask him what strategy he selected.


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